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How to Beat Anxiety without Any Drug Medication (or in addition to medication)

The medical industry has designed every possible medication for any type of condition. This is very common for people who are suffering from anxiety. A heightened level of anxiety will often manifest as a physical symptom which will prompt them to consult a doctor. Doctors can do nothing about their condition but to provide medication. But you need to know that drug medication will not be the only or even the best form of treatment for your anxiety, when the root of the cause is not treated. In case that you are asking ‘why am I anxious for no reasons’, this guide will help you in overcoming anxiety without any chemical help, or augment a medical treatment that already helps.

How to Beat Anxiety without Any Drug Medication (or in addition to medication)

Conquering Anxiety without Drug Medication

The best approach in overcoming anxiety would be to commit on a complete treatment. It is definitely not something that you should try for a moment and then you will start to hope that it will immediately improve. There are techniques which will help you in conquering your anxiety without intervention of drug medication.


People who have no exercise regimen have a higher possibility of developing extreme level of anxiety. Study shows that exercise will allow your body to excrete neurotransmitter which will improve your general mood. It will also relax your muscle which will prevent any manifestation of physical symptom. The stress hormones are also burned in the process which will beat anxiety disorder.


Another popular method in overcoming anxiety would be the self-exposure method. This therapy can be done with the help of a therapist. This type of method is concentrated on the idea that you will no longer experience any fear or anxiety if you are exposed on it for a prolonged period. It allows you to adapt to your fear.

Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercise is often used in different type of therapy that can beat anxiety. Sometimes anxiety disorder can be associated with hyperventilation such as when a person is experiencing panic attack. To help you in conquering anxiety symptoms, breathing exercise will help immensely. It provides your body with the right amount of Carbon Dioxide which can improve your heart beat and blood pressure.


Another technique that has been proven to help those who are suffering from severe anxiety disorder would be shouting or yelling. The idea of shouting is that you are letting your stress out. See to it that you will find a private place where you can shout without any inhibition. This technique can be silly and fun. You can also throw some stuff, wrestle with your pillow and just release the things that you keep inside. After a long week of accumulating stress, a mere shout can definitely do wonders in overcoming anxiety.

Finally, it will also help if you have someone to talk with regarding your anxiety. Overcoming anxiety does not necessarily mean that you have to tackle it on your own. Seek the help of your loved ones when conquering anxiety.

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