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You might be thinking:


  • I am worried about my kid

  • I cannot connect with my kids

  • My kids say “You don’t understand me!”

  • I’m the only one who does anything in this family.

  • My children use to talk with me but now they won’t

  • I don’t know how to co-parent since being divorced

  • Since my spouse died, the family is falling apart

  • All we do is just “work” and don’t have time to spend with each other.

  • My spouse is using my child against me.

  • I always feel angry and don’t know why

  • I don’t feel supported and understood

  • I’m afraid to say what I’m really feeling

  • I’m afraid to say what I really want

  • I don’t know how to say “no”

  • When I do say “no”, I’m ignored

  • My sibling gets all the attention

  • I’m seen as the problem in my family

  • I feel I’m the family care-taker

  • No one has boundaries in this family

  • I don’t have any freedom

  • My kids don’t listen to me

  • I’m alone

There is hope!


Working together in family therapy, we get underneath the surface behaviors. We find points of common interest to shift family members into a place of curiosity. From here we can go deeper into the problems as they manifest in your family, and explore the difficult issues that form the barriers preventing trust and understanding.


We learn how to communicate effectively as a family unit, to state and meet each other’s needs, create healthy boundaries, promote trust and go beyond the fears creating the barriers that create disconnection among family members


My clients vary from two-parent and single-parent families, blended families, all age groups and multigenerational households, and come from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I work with families that are in open or monogamous relationships, where parents or family members are straight or who identify as LGBTQIPAA, in all gender and gender non-conforming identities, and all levels of physical ability.


Our work together has helped family members to change unhelpful communication styles and behaviors, form boundaries, build trust, strengthen the connection, feel accepted, offer support to one another, and come to understand each other while feeling understood. Together we build family resilience, a reliable support network, inclusivity of all members, and mutual respect.

Generally, I’ve found that my clients are confronting many of the same issues when we begin our work together:


  • Disagreements about children

  • Difficulties around chores

  • Conversations escalating into fighting

  • Always being tired

  • Lack of quality time

  • Stress

  • Lack of boundaries between family members

  • Lack of life/work balance

  • Dealing with parents or parents-in-law or in-laws in general

  • New member in the family

  • Death in the family

  • Mental health issues

  • Poor academic performance

  • Job security or being laid-off


We will work collaboratively to confront these issues head-on in a supported, gradual, and safe way!


Often, families tolerate their problems being stuck in an unending battle. Family Therapy is helpful for creating a “pause” in the everyday mundane attitudes and behaviors and confront those habitual patterns in a safe and supportive environment.

Together we process the feelings of each family member and begin a journey of discovering new ways of interacting and implementing research-based techniques that lead to the family to thrive.

My clients make positive changes to transform their family life and to live the life they have always wanted. And you can too!

Start the change now.

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