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With the state of affairs in the world right now, I want to make sure that I am doing my part to keep my clients safe. As of Monday, March 16th as a precautionary measure to help contain the COVID-19 virus in Colorado, I switched to online video calls. Phone calls will be an option for my individual clients, though video calls are preferable. The situation will be re-evaluated when more information becomes available. 

If you’re seeing me for couples therapy, because of the complex nature of the process, we’ll be meeting via video calls only.

To reassure you, I have been doing therapy and coaching via video calls with clients all over the world for years and as a client myself, and it is an incredible and flexible medium, and I’m glad that we have it available today as a flexible and confidential platform to meet during this time of changes. As we’re all advised to be isolated, it’s important that you know that I’m here, and beyond the change in the medium, I’m still here for you. 

We would continue to address the same goals and engage in the same activities as if we were meeting in person. 

Therapy allows you to heal old wounds and move forward with the life you’ve always wanted within a supportive environment. You will find more emotional stability, learn new tools to bring into relationships, and increase your ability to thrive through the ups and downs of life. Many clients learn to love themselves in a new way and experience this through increased self esteem, self acceptance, and improved relationships with others. Live your life with less reactivity, experience more peace, and engage with the world with more confidence, happiness and balance. Our work will help you live your life according to your true values and priorities which can help break through difficult thought patterns and confusion.

We will work together with the difficulties of the past with an active presence and focus towards creating a more fulfilling present and future. In this confidential work we focus on creating change in the near future while unraveling and healing wounds from the past.


This is some of what we will be doing together: Address and heal problems, wounds, and patterns from your past and present that are holding you back from having the fulfilling life and relationships that you want in the here and now. Within a trusting and compassionate therapeutic environment, we will explore issues you may be afraid to share with others in your life. Working together, we can work to decrease unwanted behaviors, find solutions, and move you towards the life that you really want.  

This is how we work together: We explore the past with a direct focus on how we can make changes in the present. We work collaboratively, with reflection, acceptance, compassion, trust, and curiosity to create an environment where unresolved issues become workable. Together we learn how your mind, emotions, feelings, and body work together, allowing us to practice new ways of being in the world. I utilize research based methods and practices including mindfulness-based techniques, cognitive behavioral modalities, psycho-education, and strengths-based therapy that allow you to engage new belief structures, thought patterns, and behaviors.


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