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You might be thinking:


  • I am constantly stressed

  • I don’t have time for anything

  • I can’t separate work from personal time

  • Even when on vacation, I keep thinking about work

  • I’m having sleep problems

  • I constantly worry

  • Relationships cause me stress

  • I can’t enjoy work because it’s too stressful

  • It’s hard for me to focus

  • I am ruminating over my problems again and again

  • I see only the negative

  • I have racing thoughts

  • I have trouble sleeping

  • My muscles feel tense

There is hope!


Working with stress in therapy, we get underneath the surface symptoms. We learn how to work with the causes of stress, and we learn practical ways to deal with it. We introduce research-based techniques for lowering stress levels, such as mindfulness exercises.


My clients have found that our time together:

Allowed them to relax more at work, helped them to be more present, and to be able to communicate in a calmer way. This helped them to be more effective at work, and ultimately to reduce stress. We work on creating clear boundaries between work and personal time. You will learn to slow down your thoughts, and find healthy motivation, replacing unhealthy habits like over-caffeinating, drinking alcohol excessively, unhealthy eating, and escape techniques such as social media and binge television watching.


When I work with my clients on creating freedom from their stress, I notice that they are struggling with many of the same issues:


  • Anger

  • Headaches

  • Annoyance during conversation

  • Short temper

  • Inability to focus over long periods of time

  • Sleep problems

  • Procrastinating

  • Failed attempts at multitasking

  • Difficulty making decisions and prioritizing

  • Loss of hope

  • Lack of structure in life

  • Lack of healthy activities


We will work collaboratively to face these issues head on is a supportive, effective and safe way!

My clients have learned to manage stress, and to gain back pure simple joy while feeling more empowered and in control of the things that truly can be controlled. Life and survival are stressful! Stress is a mechanism that is meant to have a constructive value, but if it gets too extreme, it becomes destructive. As a human being, you’re also designed to feel enormous happiness- and you deserve to feel the joy of existence as fully as possible. I’d like to help you gain a sense of control- by letting go. You’ll find a compassion for yourself and others that’ll make the future bright by making the present light!

Start the change now.

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