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You might be thinking:


  • I’m not good at anything

  • Everyone is more successful than I am

  • I am too shy

  • I hope that no one can pick up on what I really think about myself

  • It’s hard for me to express myself in conversations

  • I will never be able to achieve my dreams

  • I always have to settle for less

  • There’s something wrong with me

  • I can’t stop believing that others think I behave in stupid ways

  • I’m anxious most of the time

  • No one loves me

  • I’ll never have the love life I want

  • I’m ugly / I hate my body

  • I feel embarrassed constantly

  • I don’t deserve to be happy

  • No one respects me

  • I’ll do anything to appear attractive and normal, even if it hurts me or others

There is hope!


Working with low self esteem in therapy, we get underneath the surface symptoms. We learn how to identify self defeating thought patterns and change them. We learn practical ways to gradually get out of comfort zones and increase confidence levels. We get in touch with our inherent worthiness and beauty.


When I work with my clients on creating a high self esteem, I notice that they are struggling with many of the same issues:


  • Isolation and avoidance of new activities for fear of looking foolish or inept

  • Not looking for a better job or a raise because of feelings of inadequacy

  • Fearing verbalizing ideas for fear of saying something "wrong"

  • A long term avoidance of initiating contact with others out of fear of rejection

  • Negative body image

  • Staying in an unhappy relationship because of feelings of inadequacy and fear of being alone

  • Difficulty making conversation

  • Despair

  • Loneliness

  • Jealousy

  • Panic

  • Destructive habits around food, sex, alcohol, substances or self-harm


My clients have found that our time together has helped them learn how to deal with the symptoms of low self esteem by finding new activities, resources, and communities. They learn how to work with their own nervous systems and brain chemistry, and to understand and change the stories they habitually tell themselves. Together we pinpoint the issues that contribute to low self esteem and begin resolving them. My clients face their fears, feel the joy of greater confidence in social situations, and find a level of self compassion that leads to gradual expansion of the comfort zone and accomplishment. These in turn help to build self esteem and resilience.

Start the change now.

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