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Are you looking for a therapist to help you with ADD / ADHD , depression , low self-esteem , anxiety , stress , family problems or relationship problems ? Do you need an environment where your difficulties will be honored and accepted? Do you need support in taking action and utilize your strengths?

I'm Sasha Raskin, and I can help you to find clarity and healing to create change. I provide individual therapy , couples therapycouples intensives, and family therapy in Boulder, Colorado, and worldwide via video and phone calls, drawing from over ten years of clinical experience. During the last few years, I've been training the next generation of psychotherapists as an Adjunct Faculty at Naropa University.

My combination of training at the PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy program at Argosy University (coursework), PhD in progress in Counseling Education and Supervision at Lindsey Wilson College, Contemplative Counseling Master's program at Naropa University, Marriage and Family training at the Denver Family Institute, Life Coaching program at Adler Institute, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor training at Naropa University and many more, allow me to help you feel empowered and understood. 


And most importantly, together we will work on creating actual positive changes in your life!

I specialize in the following issues:

Are you a new or long-time sufferer of panic attacks?

Do you suspect that you’re experiencing an unhealthy level of anxiety in your daily life, and long to find out what it’s like to life with a different feeling?


Anxiety is common- but that doesn’t make it easy to manage. Nor does it mean you should just grit your teeth and bear it. Anxiety shows up in an impressive variety of symptoms: physical, emotional, behavioral, and attention-related to name a few. My therapeutic approach is innovative, proactive, and supportive. It may very well be your path to a new experience of comfort and ease in life.


Are you experiencing a level of stress that you sense is wrong and unhealthy?


Are you starting to experience fraying physical and emotional health because of your stress level?


Stress is common in human society. It’s a physiological phenomenon that is like an alarm going off in your body. Is the alarm on most or all of the time for you? There are various ways to deal with your alarm system. By looking attentively into what’s going on in your life and the way you’re reacting to it, we can determine whether you need to make real life changes - or incorporate mindfulness practices into your life - or both. My approach gives you structure and support as you build a path toward a more peaceful, masterful way of living life.


Do you have constant belittling thoughts about yourself?


Do you always feel like you’re less and others are more?


You are no less capable or worthy of feeling fantastic than anyone else! You can develop a deep sense of the magnificent value of merely being alive and conscious. By working together you will build a sense of appreciation for your own qualities, while creating an actionable plan for growth, and reckoning with underlying issues that may be weighing you down. Getting in touch with your own greatness is an enormously healing process. I look forward to helping you reach a point where you believe in your greatness every day!


Do you feel that your relationship is going downhill?


Are you stuck in the same arguments that never end?

Do you miss the good old days of the beginning of your relationship? 


You will learn new ways of soothing each other and responding to each other’s needs. You will practice proven ways of communication that are respectful and clear. You will learn how to move through disagreements, really listen to what the other is saying, and know that you have been heard. We will pinpoint destructive narratives, and build positive narratives of relationship. Feeling understood and cared for is a vital part of our work together.




Do feelings of sadness take you over to the point that you seem to be drowning in them, unable to return to the surface?


Has feeling bad about yourself become a way of life?


Depression does not have to be your way of life anymore. You are as valuable and worthy as every other human on Earth, and you deserve to know it in the very core of your being. You are capable of experiencing joy and the revelations of growth and positive change. With my caring and compassionate process, you’ll shift into a new feeling and experience of life. I look forward to working with you.


Have you been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD? Are you undiagnosed, but suspect you might have ADD/ADHD?


Is your life in a holding pattern because of your trouble with focus, time management, and task completion?


Confusion, shame, loneliness and enormous frustration can develop from feeling like you can’t do what’s expected of you - or accomplish what you want so badly to accomplish - while others seem to be hitting milestones, promotions, and wracking up degrees. Every person with ADD/ADHD is unique, and has unique gifts because of their ADD/ADHD. Don’t suffer from it anymore- thrive with it! I’d love to show you how.


Do you feel like your family life is a constant struggle?


Are you stressed and worried about one or more of your family members? 


Working together in family therapy, we get underneath the surface behaviors. We find points of common interest to shift family members into a place of curiosity. From here we can go deeper into the problems as they manifest in your family, and explore the difficult issues that form the barriers preventing trust and understanding. We learn how to communicate effectively as a family unit, to state and meet each other’s needs, create healthy boundaries, promote trust and go beyond the fears creating the barriers that create disconnection among family members




I get it. You’re stuck. You’re really worried about your relationship and thinking about couples therapy, but afraid that months of couples therapy once a week might be too slow for you. You’re also busy and navigating scheduling every week is difficult.


One great solution is a weekend couples intensive retreat, where we do together deep work for 10 hours, over the course of 3 days. This is an accelerated program that will take you on a journey of self and mutual discovery, in order to truly understand the core of the problems in your relationship. We will work on resolving the relationship problems in real time in couples therapy during the weekend.





Sasha is a warm and caring professional who is capable of developing connections that make the sessions feel safe and easy. I have been very fortunate to have found him. Thanks Sasha!

D. M.

Knowledgeable, compassionate, resourceful counseling that provides practical tools for tackling everyday issues and larger crises.

T. F.

Sasha is warm, caring, open and smart. He has the ability to both comfort and validate and also challenge you. He creates a safe environment for you to explore your potential and to create new meaning and perspectives in your life.

K. S. D

I went to Sasha because I suspected I had ADD. I was feeling overwhelmed, stuck on small issues, and dissatisfied with what I was accomplishing. Sasha was very easy to talk to, and he gave me small achievable goals. After the first session, I was more effectively managing one corner of my life. Sasha continued to help me explore what was getting in my way, suggested ways to address my focus issues, and gave me goals to help me move forward. After five sessions I was working steadily on three big personal projects, one of which I had only intermittently been tackling, and two of which I had procrastinated on for nearly a year. Not only am I accomplishing more, I feel I'm getting more control over my life, and as a byproduct I'm developing a more positive outlook about myself and what I can accomplish.

J. S.

After my first session with Sasha, I felt seeds of motivation being planted. After the second session, I felt more clarity and insight in regards to the blocks that are getting in the way of spreading myself and my business. After the third session, I had a list of actions to take home and actually apply. There is a level of compassion along with deep listening that I experience Sasha embodying when we work together. It's infectious to me and motivates me to embody my own power and clarity when moving into the unknown.

L. S.

He holds me accountable and asks the correct questions. He gets to the heart of the issue in record time!

L. R.

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Student, Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy - DMFT

Argosy University

Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling

Denver Family Institute. 

MA - Contemplative Counseling Psychology

Naropa University

Gottman Couples Therapy

Gottman Institute. Level 1

Emotionally Focused Therapy - Couples Therapy

ICEEFT. Externship

Certificate in Motivational Interviewing


Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor Certification

Naropa University

Adlerian Life Coaching

Adler Institute

BA - Psychology

The Open University of Israel

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Do you need an environment where your difficulties and wounds will be honored and accepted? 


Do you need support in your desire to take action and utilize your strengths?


You will find more emotional stability, learn new tools to bring into relationships, and increase your ability to thrive through the ups and downs of life.


Many clients learn to love themselves in a new way and experience this through increased self esteem, self acceptance, and improved relationships with others.


Live your life with less reactivity, experience more peace, and engage with the world with more confidence, happiness and balance.


Our work will help you live your life according to your true values and priorities which can help break through difficult thought patterns and confusion. ​


This is how we work together: We explore the past with a direct focus on how we can make changes in the present. Together we learn how your mind, emotions, feelings, and body work together, allowing us to practice new ways of being in the world. I utilize research based methods and practices including mindfulness-based techniques, cognitive behavioral modalities, psycho-education, and strengths-based therapy that allow you to engage new belief structures, thought patterns, and behaviors.

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If meeting face to face is important for you, we will be meeting in my office in Boulder, CO.

BOULDER OFFICE: 5353 Manhattan Circle #102, Boulder, CO


A phone call is a convenient way to talk from the convenience of your home or office, without commute time.

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