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The benefits of online counseling / online therapy

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

online counseling / online therapy

For decades clients and counselors have been meeting traditionally in the therapist’s office, following the traditional medicine model. With the advance in technology, video calls allow psychotherapists to meet with clients online, via online therapy, which can have tremendous benefits. What has been the norm in coaching for decades, at least for now, with COVID-19’s social distancing advice will become the norm in psychotherapy as well. Here are the main benefits of online therapy:

Health: These days, when the COVID-19 virus pushes more and more people to stay home to practice social-distancing, online therapy allows an easy solution for therapists and clients to stay safe and still continue meeting so that clients could continue getting the support they especially need right now. This is especially important for the individuals that tested positive with coronavirus, and need more emotional support than ever.

Convenience: Online counseling allows clients to book appointments from the convenience of their homes, without spending time on the commute, and many times avoiding traffic. Often clients feel more at ease at their homes, which can help with the therapeutic process.

Geographic freedom: What if you find a therapist that you really like to work with, but can’t, since you live too far away? Or what if you leave in a remote area and either don’t have a lot of counselors where you live? Counseling online will be the perfect solution for that.

Living situation: If you’re a parent for example, and need to stay home with the kids, especially these days when so many schools are being closed as a precautionary measure to help contain the COVID-19 virus, participating in an online counseling session will still allow the parent to stay home with the kids.

If you’re looking for online counseling, book your free 20-minutes consultation call to get started.

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